Captain of the cloud, master of the Linux console, debugging wizard, conqueror of every souls-like game. I will support your team fight the big bosses and overcome every challenge.

I'm especially skilled in learning and understanding new systems, technologies and domains quickly and deeply. My preferred role is sharing this knowledge with others, collaboratively solving complex problems and building tools and processes that enable everyone to reach their true potential. I strive to get everyone on board to share this same vision, and build genuinely nice and delightful experiences together, that also fullfill that same promise on a technical level.

While I am currently a student again and not available for full-time work, I am generally prioritizing remote positions at companies that share my values of kindness, transparency, honesty, and a culture that strives to learn something new every day.

— Joshua Reusch

creativITy GmbH 2024-ongoing

C# VB.NET TS PHP Bash Powershell Node.JS Docker MS-SQL MySQL REST OpenAPI CI/CD Jira SBS

I have just started there, and will report back soon (tm)!

audaris GmbH 2018-2024

After my efforts to finish my bachelors degree, I joined audaris as an indivual contributor. In this role, I was responsible for maintaining and extending existing projects, including our app, the vehicle showroom, and the import/export system. All of these components required major updates to align with our new Dealer Management System (DMS), which was also being fully rewritten at the same time. During this period, I had the opportunity to experiment with various technologies, some of which worked out well, while others didn't. Collaborating closely with the DMS team, we decided to introduce Vue and Node.JS into our codebase.

After the initial release of the new systems, it became clear that we needed to establish better processes for releases, development, and testing. We also aimed to address potential reliability and scalability issues as our customers transitioned from the old to the new system. Following an internal restructuring of our teams, I took on the challenge of containerizing all of our services, setting up a Kubernetes cluster, implementing CI/CD, and defining a workflow based on Gitflow that suited our needs. Additionally, I introduced new team members to our codebase. This transitioned mostly smoothly into production after some initial hiccups, however, we encountered persistent challenges in finding a development setup that worked for all team members.

The inherent complexity of Kubernetes also proved to be difficult to communicate. While the cluster operated smoothly most of the time, I took the initiative to provide my team members with fundamental knowledge of Kubernetes Kubernetes, empowering them to deploy updates, previews, and new services using our CI/CD server and existing templates.

Nethertheless, ensuring that everyone knew how to respond to individual services or nodes going down proved to be a more significant challenge. While most team members understood the core concepts, not everyone reached the level of competence required to recover the cluster in the case of a failure. This experience taught me that not everyone can be an expert in everything simultaneously. Relying solely on shared knowledge and verbal communication proved insufficient. Documenting processes in a clear and accessible manner, in a way that is understandable for non-experts, is essential and also provides a valuable resource for onboarding new team members.

Since I started to study again, I transitioned into a part-time role, mostly giving input and taking on smaller tasks.

Full Stack Engineer

Go Elm TS PHP Bash Node.JS Vue Kubernetes Docker Nix MongoDB MySQL REST OpenAPI Serverless DevOps CI/CD Jira

Web/App Developer

JS TS PHP Java Node.JS MongoDB MySQL Vue Quasar Capacitor Tailwind

Sysgrade GmbH 2015-2018

I joined Sysgrade as a working student on order to not take on a loan while studying. Basically by chance, I got to work on a very big project right ahead, which I still count among the work I'm most proud of to this day. While I was programming for a few years at this point as a hobby in high school, I've never worked on a project of this scale or with a team before. I've learned a lot about working in a professional environment, and the importance of clear communication and documentation.

Software developer

C# PHP JS VB.NET MySQL MSSQL WPF WCF Shopware Magento Typo3 Symphony jQuery Boostrap

Other skills

As I already mentioned, I love exploring new ideas and technologies. Some of them that stuck a little bit longer, but I haven't found an excuse to use professionally, are:

C/C++ Elm Python Haskell F# R SvelteKit React Unity Blender GIMP

You might have noticed that I tend to be very good with computers in general, so of course I can also do the MS Office stuff as well, but I try actively not to.


B.Sc. AI and Data Science 10/2022 - ongoing

OTH Regensburg

Media informatics 2014 - 2018

University of Regensburg

High school 2005 - 2013

Gymnasium der Regensburger Domspatzen

Diplomas and work references/recommendations are available on request.